Cybersecurity Road Map for Small Businesses—Provided by ESET®

Rob Nicholson

Securing your business with HIPAA-compliant cyber-safeguards can be a daunting and formidable task, and our industry partners ESET® agree. Luckily, they have provided with us with an informative White Paper and accompanying infograph that outlines the 6 major steps to take in rolling out an effectual security policy for your business or organization.

ESET® suggests following a six-step program that can help business and organizations get started in implementing effective security efforts:

  • Assess your assets, risks, and resources
  • Build your policy
  • Choose your controls
  • Deploy the controls
  • Educate employees, execs, and vendors
  • Further assess, audit, and test

Content courtesy of Stephen Cobb, ESET® Security Researcher


ESET Cybersecurity Road Map—Infographic

White Paper

ESET White Paper—Cyber Security Road Map for Businesses

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