How Network Monitoring Services Can Benefit Your Practice

Drew Laroche

The standard medical practice is now more reliant on technology. Basic networking allows for easier data storage, processing, and other day-to-day functions.

But what happens when your network goes down? Or if someone happens to gain access to your patient information?

Suddenly, technology becomes more of a hindrance than a helper. Research indicates that it’s only a matter of time before someone attempts to gain access to your network.

By 2024, it’s estimated that everyone in the U.S. will have their medical records compromised in some capacity.

But you don’t have to sit back and let it happen. Enlisting the aid of some network monitoring services is a great way to combat cybercrime and keep your data in the right hands.

Here are a few ways that these services can benefit your practice.

Network Monitoring Services Keep Your Data Secure
Above all else, network monitoring serves one purpose: to keep your network safe.
Cybercrimes are becoming far too common, and businesses are losing millions to thieves and hackers. It’s believed that each year, there are at least 1,500 data breaches.

Your practice could easily be next if you’re not careful.

Even if you think you’re doing everything right, it can be hard to keep your data out of the wrong hands. Maybe you use a firewall on your computers and backup data regularly.

That’s a start, but it isn’t enough. If you let software security lapse, you’re practically inviting a cybercrime.

An unpatched piece of software is like a wide-open front door — it’s an invitation.

Network monitoring services can’t update your software for you, but they can detect odd activity and strange IP addresses. Having someone monitor your activity logs on a regular basis is a great way to prevent unwanted visitors.

Network Monitoring Ensures Your Practice is HIPAA Compliant
In the medical world, few things are as important as maintaining HIPAA compliance.

According to HIPAA regulations, practices are responsible for keeping all patient info private in a safe, secure manner.

A strong password isn’t always enough to keep would-be criminals away. Simply downloading the wrong piece of software could open your system to hacks.

Network monitoring solutions make sure that all connections, both incoming and outgoing, are secure and safe for patient and doctor alike.

Get Expert Support
If something does go wrong, it’s nice to know that someone has your back. And that’s just what network monitoring services do, even in the middle of a crisis.

Be it day or night, if your practice needs support, you should have access to it 24/7.

Should something happen to your network, you’ll have access to great support that can get your network back up in no time.

Keep Your Practice Safe With SecureNetMD

It can feel like it’s only a matter of time before someone hacks into your network. But you can protect yourself by hiring the best network monitoring services available.

SecureNetMD wants to help keep your business safe. Get in touch and see how you can get a free network audit to see how safe your network really is.

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