What You Need To Know About The Future Of Healthcare Solutions

Rob Nicholson

Every year, the United States spends more than $8,000 per person on healthcare, more than any other industrialized nation in the world. That said, new healthcare solutions are developing rapidly to change medicine for the better.

New technology and IT systems have the potential to make American healthcare more efficient and affordable. These developments could lead to significant changes in the ways that Americans access the care they need.

Let’s take a closer look at developing healthcare solutions, and what you need to know about them.

Centralized Patient Data

For years, all patient data was kept on paper records. This made it difficult for patients to transfer to new physicians and often made it difficult to access a patient’s entire medical history. Not having this information could make it take much longer to properly diagnose a patient.

Even though more than 80% of practitioners have now transitioned to some form of electronic records, this has not fully resolved the issue. For instance, if two providers keep their records on different systems, they still might not be able to access records for a mutual patient.

These discrepancies can lead to problems for both doctors and patients. For instance, a doctor might accidentally prescribe medicines that cannot be taken together. New healthcare technologies are working to change that.

Several startups for IT and health are working to backup all healthcare data into a centralized system. This way, doctors will be able to access that data, no matter which system they use. Additionally, this system would ensure that personal health data is secured against data losses and breaches.

Mobile Connectivity

Most American adults now use a smartphone or other mobile device. While these devices are convenient, they do not always have the same security as standard computers.

IT professionals are working to change mobile networks so healthcare providers will be able to use their devices to provide better patient care. By developing fully secure mobile networks, providers will be able to synchronize their work across platforms. This would also allow multiple providers to communicate more efficiently with one another.

Crowdsourcing Health Care

For many Americans, accessing a doctor can be a challenge. Many doctors’ offices are only open during the hours that most people work. Making an appointment would require using sick time or vacation time.

In other cases, individuals do not have access to health insurance. This can make the cost of a doctor’s visit prohibitively expensive.

Luckily, technology solutions are stepping in to make healthcare more accessible to these folks. Sources like WebMD and Google Symptom Checker allow individuals to research their symptoms online and learn about recommended treatments.

Some doctors even offer consultation overs the internet. This can be more convenient and affordable for Americans with busy schedules and no health insurance.

Take Advantage of IT Healthcare Solutions Today

With these developing solutions, healthcare is quickly changing for the better in the United States.

If you would like to learn about how healthcare solutions can help your business, contact us. We’ll work with you to find the services you need.

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