5 Smart Brand Development Tips for Your Medical Practice

Keri Boyer

Whether you’re serving a massive community or just a small town of a few thousand, it’s important that your practice makes a name for itself.

That’s precisely where branding comes in. A strong brand is something patients can trust and recognize. That isn’t always easy to establish, however.

So how can you leverage brand development in your favor? Here are five easy ways!

1) Be Consistent
Brand development relies on consistency, especially in today’s world of shortened attention spans. One report even suggests that the average attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish.

It’s critical that your practice delivers fresh content on a regular basis so you can stay in patients’ minds.

Your practice is far from the only thing patients see when they browse social media or the internet. Repetition is key if you want to have a lasting impact.

Use a content calendar to schedule your posts. Ideally, you should post at least a few pieces of new content each week, which you can share across of your social and web platforms.

2) Develop a Voice
What differentiates a business from a brand?

In short, a business is often viewed by consumers as a sort of faceless entity. Its employees are unknown and its communications are often one-sided.

In contrast, a brand is vibrant and has a voice that represents the practice. You can tell that real people are responsible for a brand, as it feels more organic.

You can develop a voice for your practice quite easily. Most of your voice will come from the tone you choose, be it formal or conversational.

Conversational tends to work better in social media situations, but there are plenty of cases to be made for formal. Ultimately, it should come down to an issue of demographics.

3) Encourage Patient Reviews
Brand development is ultimately about obtaining more patients.

Do you know who patients tend to trust the most? Other patients. So let them advertise for you via testimonials on your website.

Choose a few choice clients and have them chronicle what they love about your brand. It’s sure to be more convincing than a traditional advertisement.

4) Incorporate SEO Into Your Site
If you’re unfamiliar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s the determining factor in your website’s ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Google, being the primary driver of SEO, rewards sites who exercise quality design practices by boosting their ranking.

Make sure your website is simple and clean. Keep it easy to navigate, and always feature contact information on the homepage.

If your site could use an overhaul, don’t forget that there are plenty of services that can help.

5) Leverage Social Media
Social media is such an important element of brand development. It allows you to find your audience faster and easier than ever through targeted ads and analytic tools.

Furthermore, it gives you the chance to interact with customers and further develop your brand’s voice.

Don’t be afraid to put your practice on social media and interact with your patients.

Does Your Practice Need Help With Brand Development?

If you’re looking to get your practice noticed, SecureNetMD would love to help.

Whether you need networking solutions or a brand new website, we’re dedicated to helping the healthcare industry discover its place online.

Reach out and get in touch to learn more!

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