Secure Email & Fax Solutions

Secure, fast, and easy to use.

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Don’t take chances with information getting into the wrong hands—use our Secure Email & Fax solutions for HIPAA Compliant communication

HIPAA Compliant Email Solutions

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SecureNetMD® email application is genuine end-to-end email encryption, protecting your message from outbox to inbox and all points in between.


Secure, fast and easy to use

Protects Information

Protects confidential information and helps ensure regulatory compliance

Email Tracking

Provides delivery slip and registered mail options

Management & Reporting

Features centralized management and reporting

Attachment Encryption

Enables large file attachment encryption and delivery

Extended Plugins

Includes Outlook plugin, Windows and Mac desktop agents, browser plugins

Device Compatible

Full- featured functionality for mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and more

24/7/365 Support

With support wherever and whenever you need it, you can rest easy knowing we’re here to help.

Secure Fax Solutions

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SecureNetMD® has an alternative to traditional fax lines and online fax services. Our fax server (software only) is installed at your office, which means that all your faxes and data are stored in your office.

Keep Your Fax Machine

With our solution, you can keep your existing fax machine—no need for a new one!

No Long Distance Charges

Eliminate long distance charges

Print to Fax from PC

Print to Fax directly from your desktop

Pay for What You Use

Only pay for faxes sent and received

No Expensive Hardware

No need to buy expensive fax boards, servers and maintenance plans

SFTP Delivery Options

Fax delivery options via SFTP or directly integrated with MFPs

How it works.


A fax job is submitted to SecureNetMD®, where the image is rendered, stored and then transmitted via secure HTTPS to our data center for processing.

Upon completion of the fax, a confirmation is sent back to the originating server, resulting in a notification to the sender of the fax. This process only requires an Internet connection.


SecureNetMD® issues you a dedicated fax number(s) and the faxes are received at our datacenter. The fax is identified as your fax, based upon the number that was called, and the fax is transmitted via HTTPS to your organization. The fax shows up in the appropriate person’s inbox, and they receive a notification (email most often) that a new fax has arrived.

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