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5 Reasons You Need a Help Desk

Almost 1 million new technology viruses are created every day. If your business relies on computers or tablets to get your work done then a virus or tech problem can sometimes mean the loss of thousands of dollars. A technology help desk can help your business through these problems and more. [...]


How to Develop a Mobility Strategy for Healthcare

There has never been a more exciting time for the healthcare marketplace. With digital transformation revolutionizing healthcare patients and providers alike are able to expect a better experience in every aspect of managed care. The IoT (internet of things) alone will change patient care [...]


5 Smart Brand Development Tips for Your Medical Practice

Whether you're serving a massive community or just a small town of a few thousand, it's important that your practice makes a name for itself. That's precisely where branding comes in. A strong brand is something patients can trust and recognize. That isn't always easy to establish, however. So [...]


4 Digital Marketing Solutions for a Healthcare Provider

How many times a day do you Google something? Do you think people take each other's words at face value, or do they go home and Google their new information? And, these days, no one's immune to an online review. Even as a physician, you're faced with a wealth of online review sites. So, how do [...]


Why You Should Invest in a Quality Hospital App

Thanks to technological advancement, the medical sector has seen substantial growth in client engagement. Patients, particularly, benefit from a quality app that services their medical needs. It allows them to interact with their providers in ways that they weren't able to before. Better so, [...]


How Network Monitoring Services Can Benefit Your Practice

The standard medical practice is now more reliant on technology. Basic networking allows for easier data storage, processing, and other day-to-day functions. But what happens when your network goes down? Or if someone happens to gain access to your patient information? Suddenly, technology [...]

How to Manage Call Flow in Healthcare

In today's world of hacks and data breaches, there's no such thing as being too careful when it comes to protecting your healthcare brand. Be it from online reviews, digital scams, or social media disasters, tackling brand management can seem like a huge task. Interested in keeping your [...]

Do You Need a Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan?

On September 11, 2001, Americans learned first-hand how necessary it was for businesses to create a working plan for emergency situations. Those businesses who were located below 14th street in Manhattan couldn't operate for several weeks. Some businesses got lucky. Some in the financial [...]

Why Your Office Needs Secure Fax Services

Still using traditional fax machines? Wondering if your documents are at risk? If you're still relying on an old fax machine in your medical office, you may be making a mistake. Traditional fax machines can be insecure and aren't the best choice when it comes to sending sensitive data. If [...]

The Importance of HIPAA IT Compliance

Advancements in information technology mean medical data is being stored in new ways. Gone are the days of massive filing cabinets and binders that hold paper health records. Files are moving from physical folders to digital ones. IT has become a vital part of healthcare. But while [...]