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We aren’t your run-of-the-mill consulting company. We don’t simply ask you a bunch of questions, and then give you a list of things you need to change. Our company will invest in your Healthcare organization, and take the time to work with you and your team to develop a plan that works, so you can achieve real results instead of looking at a stack of information that no one has the time or energy to implement. We provide you with real answers to your questions, and follow through on our guarantees.

Feel confident with your next IT project—With our exclusive focus on
Healthcare IT, we are your expert HIPAA Compliant IT Consultants

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What sets us apart from other MSPs.

Not only do we listen to you and provide you with real solutions that will help on the ground level, but we can also assist you with implementing, monitoring, and refining your processes over time. For example, if you need a company to improve your work flow process, we can blend our hands-on experience working in the medical field with your unique office environment to develop a custom approach that will work with your existing operations and team.

Our company has worked on various projects, from very large environments to single physician practices, so we’re well-rounded. We realize what your time constraints are, and we know how to assist you with all of your consulting needs now and in the future.

IT Consulting Services

Let our HIPAA Compliant Team of experts handle even the most complex IT infrastructure.

Network Assessment Services

Technology Management

Planning / Support / Documentation

Network Topology

Design / Cable Plant / Internet Connectivity

Network Security

Firewall / Perimeter / Physical & Wireless Security

Server Infrastructure

Hardware / Operating Systems / Storage

Network Services

Directory Services / Administrative Policies / Remote Access / Redundancy

Cloud Services

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