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In today’s world of data and security breaches, Network Security has never been more important.  From Firewalls to PC Security, let SecureNetMD audit your network and give you a free assessment on how we can better protect you.

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What is a Firewall and why do I need one?

Simply put, a firewall is a security system or deadbolt on your network that keeps attackers out. Without an updated firewall, you are leaving the virtual door to your medical facility, not only unlocked, but wide open. As the medical profession continues to integrate with the technology, it will continue to become a target of these online criminals to intercept, steal and sell this very sensitive and very valuable information.

Manufacturers such as Cisco®, Sonicwall® and Watchguard™ are the leaders in developing cutting edge technology to stop these online criminals in their tracks. These manufacturers also comply with HIPAA regulations, so you can rest assured that your networks and computers meet and exceed industry compliance, keeping your patients data safe and in the proper hands.

What is PC Security and what does it mean?

The second part to network security after securing your internet access with an updated firewall, is securing each individual PC with up to date Antivirus and spyware software. PCs can become infected from many different things, from going to a website that downloads malicious programs, an infected USB drive that a staff member or pharmaceutical rep unknowingly brings in, or an innocent/funny email that is forwarded to you from a friend can be embedded with these malicious programs.

In this way, computers can be related to viruses and colds in your patients, the more your patients are out and touching door knobs, shaking hands, and so on during flu season, the greater the chances they can be become infected. This is the same with PCs the more you do, the more people that use them without any type of Antivirus (vaccine), the greater the chance that a virus (flu or cold) can be caught and spread. The only difference is that there isn’t a cold and flu season for computers; this is a real live threat 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

This is exactly why SecureNetMD®, is available at all times to assist you in keeping your network safe and secure for your patients. Please call SecureNetMD® to find out more on how to keep your network locked and secure or to have a security audit done on your existing system.

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