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For growing healthcare organizations, an important decision is whether to leverage the power of a Manages Service Provider (MSP), or to expand capabilities through hiring new technical staff. Technology services have expanded to a point where that decision is now easier to make.

Part of our mission at SecureNetMD is to provide a high level of value to our clients. With our model, in many cases, clients receive more services and expertise, as well as access to enterprise level tools and resources, for less than the cost of adding a single employee who is likely to have only a limited scope of knowledge.

We're focused on helping healthcare leaders, such as practice managers and top physicians, make better strategic decisions
around the technology that drives their practice or organization forward.

01   The focus is in the details.

We provide our clients both best-in-class-day-to-day management and executive strategy. This ensures that they get the best recommendations, and that their technology initiatives are aligned with their missional and organizational goals. We have learned that “If you build it right, it’s less likely to break, it will break less often, and when it breaks, it will be less severe.”

02   Quality is more than quantity.

As you grow, your infrastructure becomes more complicated. At SecureNetMD, your network information is extensively documented within our Service Desk Management system, and practical knowledge is spread across multiple account managers and engineers, ensuring that no matter what changes may occur, critical information about your network and how it is best serviced remains intact.

03   Continuity, Stability, and Longevity.

Founded in 2009, we focused primarily on healthcare as SecureNetMD. As we have expanded our managed solutions, as did the industries that we provided services. Despite our expansive growth over the years, our core focus has remained the same—to ensure our clients are leveraging the right technology to support, enhance, and grow their organization.

04   Predictability of Fees.

One of our primary goals at SecureNetMD is to create stability and predictability for your Healthcare IT budget. Our service model is focused on a fixed fee approach. The amount of time required to properly service and organization’s infrastructure can change from month to month. However, SecureNetMD’s fixed fee approach gives you peace of mind that regardless of what issues arise, or the varying time and effort it may take to remediate them, you can expect your needs to be addressed with a predictable monthly cost



  • Discovery Technology Audit

  • Plan of Action Recommendation

    Our experts will prepare a comprehensive list of expert recommendations to help prioritize your organization's technology goals. We'll define timelines, budgets, and project scope.

  • On-boarding

    We'll work closely with your team and staff to ensure a smooth transition to our managed services.

  • Management

    With our Managed Solutions implemented you no longer are faced with the hassle of worrying about your organizational technology. We will help you navigate the Healthcare IT landscape with your organization's growth and success in mind.

  • Monitoring

    With Managed Services, we are proactively monitoring your network with your practice or organization in mind.

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See Our Process In Action

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