Our Strategic Partners

Strategic Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Agility Recovery began 25 years ago as part of General Electric. They saw a need for businesses to have plans and resources to recover from disasters, natural or man-made. In the beginning, this service was only available to the largest corporations.

But in 2004, Agility Recovery developed an efficient, effective recovery solution that any organization can afford: ReadySuite. Over the past 25 years, they’ve recovered literally thousands of businesses from every possible type of disaster. And they have never failed.

For the majority of healthcare organizations traditional pagers are still the most common way for contacting physicians and staff in an emergency situation. Moving with technology more and more healthcare providers are switching to QliqSoft pager & Secure messaging app for iPhone & Android smartphones.

Qliq secure healthcare communication provides reliable, highly available time-sensitive secure messaging that provides ease-of-use and robust HIPAA-security.

Qliq, a cloud-based solution supports the need for high-availability, scalable, Secure Prioritized Messaging System by elevating the level of awareness to critical alerts on all leading mobile devices.

Partnerships that improve experiences, outcomes, and value.

SecureNetMD has forged strategic partnerships with global leaders in the healthcare and cybersecurity industry. Together, we raise the standards of technology and promise to delivery the most secure, robust, and scalable solutions to organizations.