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Business Continuity

A loss of Internet and network connectivity can be detrimental to patient care and normal office operations. These outages equate to patient dissatisfaction, loss in employee productivity, loss in revenue, and most importantly, disruption or cancellation of patient care. As a result, healthcare providers are seeking technology that provides redundant Internet connectivity for both on-premise and cloud-based, remote-hosted applications. Merely hosting applications off site doesn’t complete the equation. Providers still need redundancy in their Internet connectivity to access those applications.

Primary Internet service providers only offer a 99.5% availability standard, which equates to approximately four hours of downtime per month. Installing an additional T1/ T3 line as a fail-over will provide 99.99% uptime and be extremely costly. Please note 90% of issues with landline disruptions are in the last mile. As such, when your primary line goes down from your local ISP, chances are that your secondary landline being used for redundancy will also go down .

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