Business Report—SecureNetMD® Helps Healthcare Industry With IT Needs


SecureNetMD® Helps Healthcare Industry With IT Needs

November 26, 2013

Healthcare today is far too complicated and overwhelming to stay up-to-date on everything. With changing HIPAA regulations and trying to accomplish “Meaningful Use” stages with increased use of electronic medical records (EMR), you want to be confident that the Information Technology (IT) company you partner with will be as up-to-date and proactive as possible. You can place your confidence in SecureNetMD™, asserted Jack Berberian and Drew Laroche, partners in the firm which has been serving physicians and health care facilities of all sizes for the past five years. “We’ve never lost a client since we launched the company,” Berberian said.

SecureNetMD is a HIPAA-compliant organization available to help the healthcare industry with all things IT, 24/7/365. From existing medical practices, hospitals, sleep centers and laboratories to new construction for medical facilities, SecureNetMD has the expertise to get you up and running. SecureNetMD™ employs trained professionals to complete projects large and small. From designing cabling and network infrastructure for new medical facilities to implementing HIPAA compliant email solutions, EMR/EHR (electronic health records) training and support (via a SecureNetMD™ designed on line interactive program), network engineering and security, SecureNetMD has you covered.

“SecureNetMD focuses 100 percent on the medical industry for many reasons, mostly because healthcare is far too important and complicated to do otherwise,” Berberian said. “Healthcare professionals need a company that has studied and understands the business, the software, the compliance and the sensitivity of materials specific to healthcare IT.” Berberian added, “We are able to stay on top of new software, hardware and compliance changes so that you can rest assured that your practice is secure and that your IT infrastructure is being handled properly. Not only are we experts in evaluating new technology, we can ensure that the solution we implement for you today is not out of date tomorrow.

Our exclusive focus gives us a unique perspective. To a less specialized eye, one solution may seem like a clear choice, whereas we tend to probe beneath a generic quick fix, ensuring that a solution is comprehensive, cost-effective and long lasting.

“We offer what most companies are not able to,” he continued. “We are able to take our experience in larger hospitals and organizations and apply it to smaller and midsize medical practices to help with efficiency, operations and overall delivery of a better experience for their patients and staff.”
The company’s HIPAA Compliant Voice over IP Phone systems and service can not only help increase the productivity of your office, but can also reduce your monthly phone expenses. On-call and after-hours answering solutions are also available.

Friends for nine years, Berberian and Laroche are well qualified to offer their services. Berberian’s background, talent and training evidence an entrepreneurial propensity coupled with the vision to identify opportunities to establish and grow long term organizations. His acumen and foresight have allowed him to stay ahead of the curve in recognizing the business opportunities offered by advances in technology. In 2009, the duo founded SecureNetMD in the basement of a physician’s home. SecureNetMD clients include the largest hospitals in Delaware and many physicians and medical groups across the state. Experience ranges from EMR Integration/support, network engineering, staff augmentation, providing workflow process improvement, wireless site surveys, cabling, VOIP phone services, secure email services, project management, desktop/helpdesk support, and so much more.

The company’s transparency and professionalism have earned it the reputation as a leader in Healthcare Information Technology.

The company has recently relocated to a new facility at 16557 Coastal Highway in Lewes, Del. SecureNetMD™ offers complimentary evaluations. Call 302-645-7770 today to learn what SecureNetMD™ can do for you, or visit

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