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SecureNetMD® Named Health Hub IT Partner

Medical Society of Delaware sets endorsement

May 10, 2011

The Medical Society of Delaware has selected Lewes-based SecureNetMD LLC as a Health Hub partner in providing information technology and electronic medical record solutions to physician practices throughout Delaware.

Engaged in a broad-based effort to support its member physicians as they transition from paper to electronic medical records, the medical society is working in conjunction with the Delaware Regional Extension Center and Quality Insights of Delaware. The endorsement of SecureNetMD by the medical society assures physicians and their staff of SecureNetMD’s competence, experience and past performance.

Among the handful of providers named, SecureNetMD is the only company that focuses exclusively on healthcare IT applications. “Our specialized involvement with physician-office IT gives us a comprehensive familiarity with the issues involved in upgrading or replacing existing information systems,” said Drew Laroche, cofounder of SecureNetMD.

That day-to-day involvement in healthcare IT over an extended period of time keeps us well ahead of the curve in emerging technological trends. Our solutions for physicians and their teams dovetail with workflows, processes and terminology. We focus on one specialized discipline: ensuring that physicians and their staff have the technology, security and reliability of a rock-solid network to ensure that patient care remains streamlined and top priority.

Physician practices in Delaware and across the country are making the transition from paper to electronic medical records as part of a gradual evolution that began four or five years ago. The pace of change has accelerated in recent months, driven largely by provisions in the healthcare reform legislation, but also by a growing consensus that EMR is an important element in enhancing care and controlling costs.

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