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For the majority of healthcare organizations traditional pagers are still the most common way for contacting physicians and staff in an emergency situation. Moving with technology more and more healthcare providers are switching to Qliq pager & Secure messaging app for iPhone & Android smartphones. Qliq secure healthcare communication provides reliable, highly available time-sensitive secure messaging that provides ease-of-use and robust HIPAA-security.

Features & Benefits


Qliq Secure Messaging & pager app is fully HIPAA/HITECH Compliant with secure encrypted transmission form end to end with full audit trails and message logs

Group & Broadcast Messaging

Use Qliq to collaborate with your care teams through Group Chat. Send announcements and alerts as Broadcast Messages.

Continuous, Secure Messaging

Never miss a critical message again! Qliq alerts grab your attention immediately (even if you’re sleeping). Our persistent alerting will push to your phone for up to 8 hours to ensure you never miss a critical message.

Global Coverage

Qliq secure messaging & pager works wherever you have cellular or wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage.

Share Images & Documents

Collaborate on patient images, videos or documents; anywhere, anytime, at any workstation.

Escalated Notifications

The Qliq messaging & Paging Service running on Android & iOS ensures you are always alerted when a Qliq message is sent to you.

EMR Integration

Qliq captures patient details in EMR and receives clinical alerts and notifications.

On-Call Scheduling Management

Tailored alert settings for Time-Sensitive urgent messaging and Low Priority casual messaging. Qliq is Simple and Powerful.

Immediate Activation

You can start using Qliq in minutes! Simply download and register, and you can start sending and receiving critical time-sensitive messages.

Cloud Pass-Thru™

Using Qliq, storing messages and PHI on YOUR server significantly lowers security risk.

Eliminates Multiple Devices

Ditch your pager – Qliq does it all!

Archive in Your Control

The entire archive of messages documents, and PHI is under your control, not your vendor’s.

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Secure Messaging & Paging
Secure Messaging & Paging

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Managed services provide your organization the ultimate peace of mind knowing that you have a team of knowledgeable engineers standing by to proactively alert you when a problem arises, as well as the technical resources needed to resolve an issue swiftly reducing downtime.


Traditional break/fix models work well for smaller organizations with a simple network and infrastructure. However, as organizations grow, so does the complexity of their technology. Reduce the overhead of hiring IT staff and increase your access to SME (Subject Matter Experts) with a convenient flat rate fee every month. Our engineers will proactively manage your network, saving your organization time and costs.


Move away from the traditional break/fix technology model that typically costs an enormous amount in both downtime and money whenever an issue arises. With managed services, you get access to our award-winning team for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time IT staff to fix your technology issues. Bring a balance to your IT budget and get peace of mind with our Managed IT solutions.

This solution remains HIPAA-compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is the U.S. legislation that sets standards for the secure handling of sensitive medical information. Therefore, HIPAA not only applies to your organization’s medical staff, but also IT service providers like us in order to protect any trace of electronic health records while services are being performed or maintained. Information Technology has become a vital part of healthcare, and the industry requires by law special care.