5 Ways a Healthcare VoIP Phone Will Save You Money

Casey Fitzgerald

The truth of the matter is that old-school phone systems are antiquated.

VoIP, or “Voice Over IP” systems are not only more functional than a standard network of phone lines, but more cost-effective as well.

VoIP technology essentially allows companies to scrap all phone lines in exchange for an internet-centered telecommunication network.

Organizations in industries of all kinds can make – and are making – use of VoIP technology to save substantial amounts of money on telecommunication implementation.

The healthcare industry is certainly no exception to this.

Here are 5 ways a VoIP phone system will save money for your healthcare facility.

1. Eliminates Installation of Phone Lines

To put it simply: installing new phone lines is expensive.

Fortunately, with VoIP, there’s no need to install new phone lines; or any phone lines for that matter.

Most VoIP providers supply their customers with electronic mechanisms which connect directly into standard broadband internet connections.

After these are installed, there is no need to set up any more phone lines.

Over time, this will save your healthcare facility substantial amounts of money in installation costs.

2. Require Less Technical Support

Having your phone lines down for even an hour can cost your healthcare facility large amounts of money.

When a standard phone line malfunctions, you must wait for a maintenance person to come in and fix it. This can take hours, and maybe even days.

VoIP systems, because they possess no hardware, not only malfunction much less frequently than standard phone networks, but are repaired much faster as well.

This is because, when they do go down, they can be efficiently fixed by their providers from a remote area.

3. No Additional Charges on Long Distance Calls

If your healthcare organization frequently makes long distance calls, it can stand to save huge amounts of money by using a VoIP.

When calling within the country, VoIP subjects you to no additional charges.

Making international calls to others who use your VoIP are free, while making international calls to those who don’t use your VoIP are still substantially cheaper than standard international calls.

The fact of the matter is that a VoIP will save you money on all long distance calls.

4. Cheaper Advanced Features

Teleconferencing calls. On-hold music. Call routing.

These are advanced features which cost a great deal of money to add to a standard phone network.

But with a VoIP, these features are either included or substantially less expensive.

This enables small healthcare facilities with limited funds to make use of features that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to utilize.

5. Offers Data Protection Precautions

A VoIP phone system works anywhere that there is a broadband internet connection.

This allows your employees to stay connected to your organization’s network regardless of where they are.

Because your employees will be almost constantly connected, they will be able to communicate in a much more timely and efficient manner.

And you know what they say: time is money.

Utilize a VoIP Phone System at Your Healthcare Facility

If you’re interested in saving money by implementing VoIP phone at your hospital or wellness center, we here at Secure Net MD have you covered.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide you with a VoIP that suits your facility’s exact needs and specifications.

Contact us today!

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