Is Your Health Organization Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Drew Laroche

If you’re part of a healthcare organization, you have access to a lot of sensitive information.

Patients and employees alike depend on you to maintain and protect that information. You need to know how to protect your company, workers, and patients against a cyber attack.

Read on to learn what steps you can take to keep your company safe.

Understand the Threat of a Cyber Attack Is a Constant Issue

When dealing with healthcare information, especially patient records, understand that the threat of security never goes away.

A cyber attack is not only an IT issue. It poses significant risks to your business.

Attackers are looking for ways to gain:

  • Personal information for identity theft
  • Information related your healthcare organization, such as financial records

With this in mind, understand your organization needs the right kind of equipment to stay safe against these attacks. You will need to upgrade and stay on top of changes as they relate to IT safety.

Doing so protects your patients and workers. It also shows your company takes patient confidentiality seriously and wouldn’t do anything to compromise it.

Start by Establishing Employee Boundaries

The best way to prevent cyber attacks from happening is to start internally.

Make sure employees are aware of the responsibility that comes with working with patient records.

Through training and documentation in employee handbooks, you should make employees aware of:

  • What records they are (and are not) allowed access to
  • Penalties for accessing or attempting to access certain information, such as being written up or terminated

Be upfront about your organization’s missions to provide patients with personalized healthcare service while maintaining their privacy.

Establishing this step with employees puts a stop to attacks. This prevents inside jobs from occurring while protecting the integrity of the organization.

Use Monitoring on Your Company Website

The company website is one of the areas many organizations forget about. They believe the focus should be on internal records.

While those are important, hackers undermine websites that are not kept up-to-date with proper security certificates. Problems associated with the company website include:

  • Writing slander or untrue statements about the company or individuals who work there
  • Stealing information from those using forms for communication or payment

Prevention and checking for changes or suspicious activity go a long way. If you suspect something is happening, it’s easier to stop it in its tracks before the problem spirals out of hand.

Small organizations and businesses benefit when they realize what these steps do. Essentially, they save time and money.

Protect Your Organization Today

If you want your organization to remain at the top of its game, preventing a cyber attack is a must.

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. With the right help, you’ll know exactly what to do to protect everyone’s security.

We at SecureNetMD can assess your company and its needs. We can help you formulate a plan that keeps information safe without falling into the wrong hands. Your organization will thrive, and threats will be wiped out before they even begin.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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