How to Make Healthcare Branding More Personal

Keri Boyer

In healthcare, branding has an important role in the success of your practice.

You may ask, how do you define the term brand in the medical industry?

First, the concept of branding has changed in the business and marketing world in the last few years.

In the past, a brand used to only refer to as an experience, idea, or object. But, the Harvard Business Review has noticed a shift towards brands as relationships.

This shift has also been moving towards a collaborative, person-to-person model.

Read on to learn about this new branding and the best ways to create a personal healthcare brand.

Healthcare Branding: A Patient-Centered Approach

What is a person-to-person, collaborative brand in the medical field?

Before, the answer would be the doctor and patient. But, the brand as a relationship model allows for new relationships.

These new, created relationships should have a foundation of collaboration with the patients.

They should also encourage a person-to-person, symmetrical relationship as a personal brand.

In action, a personal and positive healthcare brand can lead to:

  • Quality Reviews
  • Improved Reputation
  • Better Patient Outcomes
  • Patient Referrals

Thus, the collaboration between the provider and patient has the potential to help patient outcomes.

And, personal branding has the potential to grow a healthcare practice.

How-To Personalize Branding

There are several online and in-person methods to healthcare branding for your practice.

Remember these personal branding strategies to grow your practice, while promoting health.

Awareness Campaigns

These can provide valuable information to patients and potential patients about their care.

Potential subjects could include any information about their treatment or prevention.

Patients enjoy learning about their health in a personal, and relatable way. Naturally, social media is an excellent place to do begin awareness campaigns.

Examples could include clever phrases, statistics, and info graphics. Get creative, share the knowledge, and promote your personal brand!

Social Engagement

Social media engagement is important to maintaining and grooming relationships with patients.

It helps them feel more connected to you and your brand. Content marketing techniques can especially help you maintain a presence on social media.

Additionally, ensure your own website advocates a positive and personal branding.

Website design and development specialists can help you to customize your website. This also allows you to promote a more personal healthcare brand.

Community Outreach

To reach potential patients, community events are helpful marketing platforms for your brand.

You could team up with another organization to represent your practice, or speak at an event.

This encourages a positive relationship between your practice, the community, and your patients.

Simple Solutions

Today, it is important to have a relationship-based healthcare branding. It helps differentiate you from traditional, non-collaborative brands.

A brand should relate in a positive way with patients. And, it should inform them about their health and healthcare.

A personal branding is the future of healthcare. It will help continue to bridge the gap between practitioner and patient.

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