Why Your Office Needs Secure Fax Services

Jack Berberian

Still using traditional fax machines?

Wondering if your documents are at risk?

If you’re still relying on an old fax machine in your medical office, you may be making a mistake. Traditional fax machines can be insecure and aren’t the best choice when it comes to sending sensitive data.

If you’re looking to send data and documents securely, it may be time to start using secure fax services. Secure email and fax solutions can be a big help for any organization who needs to send information while keeping it as secure as possible.

Below we’ll look at the top reasons your organization needs to start using secure fax services.

1. Increased Protection and Security

The greatest benefit of using a secure fax service is, of course, security.

When you submit a fax using SecureNetMD®, your document image will be rendered, stored and transmitted securely using HTTPS. It will then arrive at our data center for processing. Only then will the document be forwarded to the recipient.

There are several different delivery options you can choose from when faxing documents. You can choose to use reliable SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or to send a fax directly integrated with MFPs.

The security provided with professional fax services is leaps and bounds above using a traditional fax line. It even beats the security of sending documents over email.

It’s hard to beat the security and protection you can get when using a managed fax and email service. A fax service can also help ensure you’re compliant with regulations.

2. Ensure HIPAA Compliant Communication

The standards that have been set by the HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, ensures that medical professionals protect the health information of individuals and patients.

When you work in the medical field and are transmitting and managing important documents, you need to remain HIPAA compliant at all times. A managed fax service helps ensure you’re compliant with these regulations.

When using internet communications or fax there is always the potential for breaches and identity theft. There is the potential that is data not secure enough.

When using a secure faxing service, however, you will know that your communications are being handled securely. Your patient’s protected health information (PHI) will be safe and sound.

3. Detailed Reporting and Tracking

When using a professional fax service, you also get plenty of extended reporting and tracking features. This includes email tracking abilities as well as centralized reporting features.

The addition of extended and timely email notifications can also be a huge help in a busy office setting. You will easily be alerted when you have received a fax and you will also receive a notification when a fax has been delivered successfully.

These in-depth features simply aren’t available with traditional faxing or when using email. It can be tricky to keep track of communications when managing multiple patients. This extra reporting can be a huge help when organizing many accounts.

4. Gain Flexibility and Added Support

Sending faxes with a secure service also comes with a lot of flexibility over traditional faxing methods. You will also have excellent support should anything go wrong or if you have any questions.

When using a fax service, you will also have more ability when it comes to choosing when and how to send an important fax. You can print a fax directly from your desktop computer, for example. This can add a lot of convenience to the way you do business. It can help streamline the process of sending and printing important documents.

Another great thing is that a fax service is very scalable. With SecureNetMD®, you only need to pay for the faxes that you send. This can be an ideal when trying to run a healthcare organization, no matter what its size.

Secure Fax Services For Your Organization

A managed fax service can be invaluable for a serious medical organization. By using a secure fax service you’ll ensure that you have flexibility and security. You’ll be able to operate with efficiency while also staying in tune with important regulations.

Need secured email and fax solutions for your organization? Contact us today to learn more about what SecureNetMD® can do for you.

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